FPV Multirotor Racing :)

Hey Guys, This is a little off topic but it's awesome fun!

I have created a website dedicated to this new sport! (If you can call it that)  :)


To give you an idea of what it's all about I have attached some videos from our first race season.

Events are now starting to pop up around the world so log in and get involved!


Race 1 (above)

Race 2

Race 3

Race 4

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  • Awesome!!!

  • This is awesome!  Just came across this while looking into racing.

    I'm planning on racing the micro FPV quads with a friend of mine.  We decided to go micro so we could race all together, instead of one at a time.  Whenever the slow boat from China gets here we will see how that works haha.

    It is good to see your video though, gives an idea as to what to expect from trying to dodge obstacles at high speed :D

    Great flying guys!

  • Hi Phil,

    We are not far off starting the 2013 season!

    I'll let you know when we get going so you can come and have a look. I'll be posting videos etc over on FPVMultirotorracing.com

  • Scott, Juz and all, did you know about the Melbourne based group? http://diydrones.com/group/melbourne 

    We have had a few meetings so far and things are heating up. Can we crash one of your meets and see what you guys are up to?

  • Oh yeah I've been watching Juz's channel. It's the birth of pod racing! Very cool.

  • Eric,

    That would be very cool!


    Yes the whole comp has been very close!


    Very hard to break bones racing multirotors! :)

    I just added a section to the forum for finding people in your area.

  • this makes me weak..i used to race mx in 3 decades.but the bones break to easy know ,.so i fly multi rotors now and have so much fun.. i no of no one  to fly with..or i would be on this..i;m using a" tmf aq50d" f.c board. after alot of experimenting.i found these  be excellent.with huge performance..if any of you guys are in the portland area lets try this

  • The side by sides vids are very good. Thanks Scott! So close in laptimes :)

  • Nice idea! The Stevie Wonder song to the guy with the fpv goggles in Race 2 made me lol! I'll have to ask them to add this type of challenge to the FPV North America meetup in 2013 :D

  • We filmed the tracks first so that the guys could watch the videos a few times before going to the track. It helped allot in memorising where to go.

    These side by sides are also interesting.....



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