FPV Racing taking the lead in France

As you may already heard, FPV Racing is getting famous here in France. We've organized a race on our official field covered by a french TV channel.

In total there were 6 pilots on the starting grid. A simple, effective story that shows a positive image of FPV.

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  • That is a very nice discipline to develop!

    I thought of something similar but with laser shooting feature just like a laser game... a real life mario kart :)

    You have for example 5 shots per race. When you touch somebody, his copter loiters during eg 5 s... that could make the race even more funny.

    Such feature could be quite easy to develop based on arducopter or even multiwwi cuz I guess you're using naze32 controllers...

    Anyways, thanks for sharing, I hope I'll be able to give a try to such race!

  • Love the guy who went backwards at the start and took out the person behind him on 1:10 in the video :)

  • I think France is on to something here. I really like the idea of FPV racing with the small drones. Looks like a lot of fun.

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