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I'm a helicopter pilot that has just started flying airplanes and will soon be looking into FPV, and then UAV will be next

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

It is just plain facinating

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MarioLucich commented on Adrián Nagy Hinst's blog post GimBALL - 3D printed DIY Gimbal with closed hull - PART1 (design)
"Looks awsome, I would recoment the brushless motors with hollow shaft as well, and considder making some "push" rods from the top and down to the buttons on the Mobiu, instead of jsut having holes"
Nov 24, 2014
MarioLucich commented on Mark Harrison's blog post Behind the scenes on the OK Go shoot
"Interview with Damian and Tim fro OK Go
Oct 31, 2014
MarioLucich commented on AKRCGUY's blog post 3D Robotics IRIS+ Mapping & Follow-Me Demo
"This link shows you howto make a bluetooth bridge and aslo have a link to finished product that you van but
Oct 13, 2014
MarioLucich commented on Gamani's blog post FPV Racing taking the lead in France
Oct 10, 2014
MarioLucich commented on Joshua Ott's blog post Failure is an option
"Just a quick thought of a potential system for a octo copter. When you look at it is actually 2 quads one in + mode and one in X mode.

So you could potentially set it up as two separate systems, with complete redundancy. You would have to be sure…"
Jan 8, 2013
MarioLucich replied to chris wilson's discussion 20 doller reward via paypal for help.....plz
"have you tried looking at your restore points in windows. You might be able to get back to a state before things started to go bad for you.
Are other things working when plugged into the USB port?
With my xbee I was in a situatuon where I thought…"
Jan 6, 2013
MarioLucich commented on Robert Krogh (hooks)'s blog post Why we love fast and expensive delivery.
"It does say "FedEx Ground""
Dec 24, 2011
MarioLucich commented on Alpo Hassinen's blog post Easy camera roll stabilizer to APM
"I think that all the code is in the Navigate part at the very end.
I think that the only way to excatly know if the camera is pointing in the right direction, might be to add the HMC5843 - Triple Axis Magnetometer Rev 1.2. they you would know…"
Apr 28, 2011
MarioLucich commented on Alpo Hassinen's blog post Easy camera roll stabilizer to APM
"Someone else might beat me to it, but I got an idea from my Dragon OSD, where at the throw of a switch, aleron and elevator becomes OSD menu navigation instead of controling the plane. This could proably be implemented when you are in stabilizing or…"
Apr 27, 2011
MarioLucich commented on Chris Anderson's blog post APM 2.011 Beta released
I'm about to get myself a new Xbee for my plane, and i'm wondering, since we now have 2 way communication, should I pick the same Xbee board for the plane as I have for the ground station with an omni antenna?"
Mar 22, 2011
MarioLucich commented on Chris Anderson's blog post APM boards now available in the DIY Drones store!
"Do you have any plans for adding other stuff like the XBee to your list?
Dec 27, 2010
MarioLucich replied to Dave Shrader's discussion Gas Hybrid Quad Rotor UAV?
"I think that I have heard about people putting a brushless motor on their IC powered helicopters and have a inverter that charges their batteries in-flight.

I remember that on a picture in Model Helicopter World, it pointed out that a Jet powered…"
Nov 29, 2010