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  • Not a FedEx but one of Chinese Posts lost my parcel. And the funny thing that inside that box was GPS tracker! Unfortunately it was off, but after 40 days they have found it and they've send it again =((( Usually that post is reaching me in 3 weeks...

  • nice ...
  • It does say "FedEx Ground"

  • I had FedEx break an SKB case on me one time. SKB replaced it no questions asked, but they were amazed that FedEx could break a heavy duty case labelled Fragile and then hassle me about replacement...

  • FedEx has damaged a pelican case. I used to think they could survive reentry into the atmosphere. Apparently, FedEx put a pipe through it.


  • @Rory, fortunately its not quite that bad! They dont drop off packages if there is no one to sign for them. You're probably right about the boer bull though ;)

  • T3

    @Gareth you do not have problems with packages...since Postnet introduced its RdOW policy (Redistribution of Wealth) you simply do not get packages...anyway if they tossed it over the fence the Boerboel with just eat it..

  • what does COA stand for?

  • Operating unmanned aerial packages for commercial use, without a COA.

  • Oh yeah, for sure.  Many of my packages from Hobby King arrive in what I call "Cardboard Bags". LOL

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