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3689667876?profile=originalNew app available for UAV pilots.

This app contains over 46,000 airports around the world which can be displayed quickly and easily when flying RC models. When flying RC/UAV's commercially, these areas are considered "No Fly Zones" based on your geographic location.
For example when flying UAV's in Canada, Transport Canada has set a 9km no fly zone around Airports without proper legal authorization.

By default this app sets a 9km radius around Airports and will display all airports within 30km of your marker.
These settings can be adjusted depending on geographic location and rules in your area.

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  • wait , you were saying UAV and RC aircraft under 2Kg are class a Very Small category. and as responsible Flyers  even on a No fly zone you have to be sensible not to get your UAV/RC Aircraft at a Altitude and flight path of any manned Aircraft .

  • Hello everybody

    is it normal that I cannot see any restricted space in Europe (Italy)??

    Installed on Galaxy note 3 Android 5.x


  • Clarification to my previous post:

    The proposal for a 20 km restriction around all airports is for the proposed 'Small UAV, Limited Operations' category.

    Transport Canada apparently hasn't decided whether there will also be a 'Very Small UAV' category, similar to the current sub-2kg exemption.


  • One of the proposals by Transport Canada for the upcoming new UAV regulations (to take effect the end of next year) is to possibly increase the no-fly zones around all airports (no matter how small) to match the largest airport control zones in the country - which means 20 km from any airport, not the current 9.

    Effectively ruling out most of the country (except, ironically, areas so remote you would need an airport to reach them!)

    Granted, this is for the smallest UAV category (probably under 2 kg). But they are also proposing to start treating commercial and recreational UAVs under the same regulations, so this would apply to everyone (with possible exemptions for MAAC fields).

    I voiced my objection during the recent 'request for comments' period (now closed).

    I even included this image:


    (Central Ontario, even!)

    Based on the Range Rings app I posted about here a while back.

    The purpose was to make the case to TC that such a blunt-instrument approach wasn't necessary - that apps were available (or would be soon) that could easily inform flyers of what the actual exclusion zones were in their area. Especially given that TC plans to introduce 'knowledge tests' for all flyers (even recreational). So, easy to ensure that everyone knows how to find out about actual control zones.

    Paul - it's a shame an app as developed as this wasn't available to bring to Transport Canada's attention before they closed the comments period (in August). (I told them I was compiling my own map for Ontario - not just for airports, but for towns, cities, etc and suggested they could start to do the same!)

    Perhaps it's not too late to call it to their attention as an example of what's available already. 

    (Who knows, you might even become 'the official TC-approved app for Canadian UAV pilots')  :)


  • IMHO, this five-mile rule is getting ridiculous.  Aircraft instrument approaches are well over 400 feet AGL until very close in.

  • Please note the underlined words in the description... "when flying RC/UAV's commercially"

    If you plan to make money with your UAV then you must follow certain rules.  In Canada these rules are governed by Transport Canada which you can view here...

    This link is a quick summary but if you look further, there are even more rules making it quite difficult to fly commercially without requiring a Special Flight Operations Certificate.

    Regardless, the app is simply a quick reference to show you nearby airports that these government entities will be watching for if you are trying to fly commercially without a Special Flight Operations Certificate.

  • I was thinking the same thing that  Muscate wrote ,  especially since I recently attended a multi-rotor FPV racing event in Collingwood Ontario that is located in the bottom left-hand corner of the displayed screen in the O.P.

    This prompted me to check out the App.

    It seems that this App is a bit over-zealous as there are entries that purport to be airports but they are in fact  just places where a full scale aircraft happens to land sometimes, including farmers grass strips and my old hang-gliding school.

    According to this App,  6 of the MAAC ( Canadian AMA equivalent.)  sanctioned R/C clubs closest to me are located in no-fly-zones.

  • Funny how the advertised map basically says "you are not allowed to fly anywhere", so there's that

    I suppose its an extreme case though... doesn't seem worth getting a drone there.

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