Free APM2 Help Manual

3689483865?profile=originalSometimes I need some info regarding APM2 and iI have to search in different internet pages and forums for help, so i start to collect info, pictures and some tips all in one word file. I believe that this might help because now we have all in one .pdf file. I hope that none of the pictures are copyright but if some one don´t want to have their pictures in this "manual" please tell me and I will remove them.


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  • Se sabe algo de el manual en Castellano? Gracias.
  • I've started translating the wiki, however, lack of time and too high frquency of updates and changes made stay put ! Sorry for that. I plan to continue and if anyone wants to give a hand, would be very appreciated.

  • If you have "limited flying skills"....then join the club :) 

  • Thanks everyone for your words, for now i will use this "manual" to program and fly my "Knurrus Maximus FPV Flying Wing". So far i´m having some questions regarding Elevons Setup because without the APM2 the sticks work just fine for pitch and roll but when i switch to Stab the pitch is reversed so i will try to revers the servos on the Mission Planner because just change the servos on the RX and APM didnt solve the problem :(

    Once again thanks to all for your kind words.

  • Thanks Luis! Esse é o cél do Rio na minha foto. :)
  • Fantastic job. 

  • Luis Ramos, thanks for a job well done !

  • Oye Luis, very useful, thanks a lot!!

  • Very nice, I use Evernote to save all my info, but have them all together on a PDF like this is just awesome. Thanks

  • Luis, the "Forward" arrow on the APM board side-by-side photos is backward. 

    Thanks for your efforts! 

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