Free APM2 Help Manual

3689483865?profile=originalSometimes I need some info regarding APM2 and iI have to search in different internet pages and forums for help, so i start to collect info, pictures and some tips all in one word file. I believe that this might help because now we have all in one .pdf file. I hope that none of the pictures are copyright but if some one don´t want to have their pictures in this "manual" please tell me and I will remove them.


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  • Thank you so much I have been battling to find something like this. This is exactly what is needed for a newbie like me.I think  the whole Ardu xx project would evolve a lot faster if there was better basic documentation.Monkey see monkey do makes it so much easier. Einstein said if you can't explain it to a child you don't understand it yourself.

    muitissimo obrigado

  • Thank you very much for that, all what you need in one document, great effort....

    Excellent, thanks again.

  • nice work Luis, just what we APM2 users need !!!

    @ Chris Anderson: hey Chris, its about time for portuguese speakers around the world (too many) that are using APM's, Planner, etc..., like L.Ramos and myself, to have an option for portuguese language on it, i think Michael is the right person (Planner) to do that but many other things could be point on that direction ! tell me about your thoughts

  • Chris, i have only the APM2 so now my efforts are to put my "Knurrus Maximus FPV" wing in the air with it, but you never know... Andy, thanks for your words glad i can help.


  • Luis-  This is an amazingly great collection of almost everything needed to get an ArduPlane into the air !  Thanks many times over for your efforts.

  • 3D Robotics

    Great job! Do you plan to update it for APM 2.5, too?

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