The latest version of the Event 38 geotagging utility is now available for download and as always, it is available to the wider DIY Drones community. It’s compatible with standard MAVLink telemetry logs. If you’re using telemetry logs to geotag your images and find that the number of CAM messages doesn’t always match the number of images taken by your camera, this utility will help by automatically sorting out which cam messages were missed. The utility will skip tagging images for which there are no CAM messages available. We’ve found that missing a few tags here and there is no problem for most missions. Even missing a relatively large number does not necessarily ruin a mission as long as the geotags available are spread evenly throughout the mission area.


In the example image above, we missed a lot of geotags in the corner of the mission while the plane was very far from the ground station. Tagging these images 1:1 with the camera messages resulted in a large error as each misaligned tag built on the last. The new utility took care of it and the overall geotag error was just 4.2m. Grab the latest utility on our downloads page, and let us know what you think.



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  • Thanks! The tlog is just much more conveniently accessible.

  • 100KM

    Wonderful, just a question, why use the telemetry log and not the data flash log?

  • Great news, Jeff.


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