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Hi All. We wanted to share a useful tool for those creating drone maps and 3D models. We've just launched a free tier, made for the DIY community, enabling you to upload any exif-tagged drone imagery and get back high resolution data.  It's simple - just upload and forget.

We've actually processed a lot of data (1 Million acres!) over the last couple of months, with a number of this community leading the pack. Thanks for helping us in the beta period!

Let us know what you think. Sign up on DroneDeploy, and use a coupon - DIYDRONES for a freebie at Christmas.


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  • It's so cool!

  • The two 3D models in this thread have really inspired me. Thanks for sharing them. I've been doing a fair amount of testing of mapping recently and I'm amazed at the technology and how well it works. It's fascinating.  

  • Thanks Darrell!

    You can check out the church from this twitter post - link 

    Omer this will help:

    DroneDeploy on Twitter
    “Blown away by this 3D model of St Peter's Cathedral in Adelaide by #drone mapper Todd Candy”
  • This building is called "Masal Şatosu" its not an actual church

  • @Omer - Even with the free service you can make your 3D models public. Click the icon (little box in a circle) in the lower left of the DroneDeploy 3D map and it will take you to a SketchFab output that you can share. 

    Here's a 3D model I did with DroneDeploy

  • I'm sorry, i'm using free service of dronedeploy and can not make it public.

  • I've found the DroneDeploy service excellent so far and the projected pricing seems very reasonable to me. Can you share the public link to the 3D model of the church in the example you posted?

  • Thanks Omer. And Really great feedback. Look out for that capability in the next couple weeks.

    And Stephen, there are a number of tools to help you attach GPS coordinates to your photos. What type of drone are you using?

  • T3

    Really wanted to try for comparison, but my process does not use GPS coordinates on my photos so it looks like I can't.

  • It would be nice to check which photos did not upload, and uploading remaining photos and re-processing them all together.

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