Free OS UAV Plan!

I designed this baby over the weekend for everyone to have if interested. It should be a very good size for most of your application. I can be built with foam, wood, and composite.

Name: RVOS v.1.0
Wing Span: 1.6m
Length: 1.1m (nose to tip of v-tail)
Max Weight: 6kg
Recommend 4 Channels (Aileron, V-tail, Throttle)
Power: .45 - .65 or equilvalent electric power


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  • Hello guys. i would like to build this uav, it look very good! the link seems to be broken... is there a way to download it on the site?

    best regards


  • Ryan,

    Loved going over your SW design files. You did a great job, 

    I have a question: When you loft (for example ;the fuse), you seem to alway use 3dsketchs for the guide curves.

    Is there any reason for that or would a sketch on a plane work just as well ?

    I have not seen this approach before and am very curious.




    If you look at a cross section of the pod in the area where the tail boom enters the pod, there is a little bit of voids...:)

  • Hi Richard, I think that I may have the fuselage mapped out and ready to run one 1 half. Will keep you posted as to the progress. I have work to get done before I get to play at the shop. So the going is slow. Again Thank you for your generosity idn sharing...jim

  • Hi Richard;

       I'll let you know if we get this converted. Thank you once again for your generosity in sharing a labor of love. Hopefully I will get to start working on this soon...jim

  • Hi Jim


    Link to Router file if you can make use of them (56 MB) (give it 30 mins to upload them)




  • Hi Richard. I can convert for sure. If you would share. That would make it very nice to just convert and go to the tool. Thank you very much....jim

  • Hi Jim.

    Not sure what software you use for the CNC.. I use Aspire from Vectric if you need the tool paths tool.



  • Hi Richard;

       Thanks for the link it opened just great in SW 2013. I will try and get a tool path for the the fuse and then attempt the tail boom and stabs. Thanks again for your quick response and for all of your work. The files show the talent and that you are truly gifted in this area. Me ! all I do in SW is banjo rings... Thanks again...jim

  • Exactly, dowloading right now!

    Thanks again.

  • try now.. don't think it had finished uploading..



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