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  • Here is the video flight test of the gimbal. There is a light "tilt" on the forward/backward movement due to the accelerometer cable under the gopro (too tight i think)

  • Ok, thanks for your comments... but i think it works!, i've made 3 or 4 flights with this config and i'm about to mount a video to show you the results. My purpose of that config is to transport easily the quad by plane or boat so i'have to put it in a waterproof case, under 10kgs with size restrictions...and without 1h of setup...

    i show you the results quickly....i promise!


  • I would suggest that you build a tower in the center of your quad. From the tower extend a rod forwards, towards the front. From the rod hang your gimbal. This way the camera + gimbal wont hit the ground if you have a hard landing. The benefit of the tower is you can also lift your gps + compass + rx away from emi from your battery etc.

  • @Steve - yes, in my opinion that's the wrong way to use those dampers.

    As it happens I'm just mounting my design to a 450 frame. Looks good so far.


    Parts 3D printed, uses RC-Timer motor for roll axis and a self-wound motor for pitch control. The design will also accommodate an i-Power 3508 yaw motor but this is yet to be fitted. The EvvGC controller works well in early trials.

    Here's the design:


  • Seems like the weight if the gimbal + gopro would be pulling on those dampeners a lot. I have tried a similar setup before.

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