FrSky Taranis Setup 6 Flight Modes plus 1 for APM Ardupilot

Using a FrSKY Taranis X9D, we have been mixing different switches and testing 7 flight modes. RTL on a one-switch return home and 6 other flight modes.   We have included our video logs of how we set it up.   You can use any switches following our3689554728?profile=original example. Since there are so many 3 position switches on a Taranis, you can spare one for a mix.


With 6 CS switches, you can next easily assign sound files to each flight mode.  We will also include the sound files (voice) of all the flight modes in the next video and a link to download them.  Maybe someone will find these useful.  Cheers!

Previously Part 1 of 3: FrSky Taranis and Setting Up Basic Switches

Next Part 3 of 3: Adding sounds to flight modes



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  • I just go a taranis that I want to use with Arducopter 2.6 and a x8r receiver. I flashed the taranis with the latest firmware but am having trouble getting it to work. Does anyone have a Arducopter model set up on their Taranis that I could download onto mine?

  • Do you mean on the Logical Switches?

  • my Taranis did not last long, so i have not used it since i completed the series. try 0.0 or 0.1?
  • Thanks noeL,

    The Taranis speaks the flight modes.

    Without the delays the Taranis speaks the every flight mode that it passes on the 3 position switch. I think that would be too confusing.

    I was thinking that maybe I could delay the sounds a little in the SF's and remove the delay in the LS's but I don't know.

  • Jerry

    Just remove the 0.5 delay for each switch and that will resolve the bug. hope that helps. regards
  • I know this was asked a while back but I don't understand. On the Flight Mode screen in Mission Planner, How do I keep it from going to flight mode 6 first and then to the correct mode when I change flight modes? Everything seems to work and it flies great, I just don't think that should be happening. 

    Taranis Plus




  • I believe it's the same thing, just named different. I also have a Taranis Plus

  • I know this is a 6 month old thread now but could someone tell me why my new Taranis Plus does not have the Custom Switch menu available?  I only have the Logical Switch menu.


  • I just did this completely differently. This is how my switches are setup yours may vary if you use other switches.


    Then in the Special Functions


    Then fire up the transmitter unless you did it there and adjust the override amounts to match the PMW values you require for the switches to work on the controller. No mixing just an easy adjustment.

  • Is it me or the video approach is counter intuitive for total noobs like myself? i.e. would be nice to see a micro-step-by-step tutorial starting with the absolute start.  I.e. configuring from the companion app or going through the menu step by step, keypress by keypress... 

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