Full metal copter first flights

First test flight:First flight ends in a crash, but I attribute that to pilot error rather than a problem with the copter. This flight did bend one of the legs slightly. I believe the holes I drilled to reduce weight have compromised the strength of the leg. I will replace with solid pieces.Second flight. No crash, and quite a stable platform.
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  • Looks cool man, like a flying shopping trolley from a distance in the dim light = )
  • Moderator
    That's the issue I have with my quad- and I've been flying it for weeks now! I'm in the habit of "taking control" on my helis and can't seem to let the quad do the work yet. :)
  • Ok, maybe classic "overcorrecting" in first flight ;)
  • Moderator
    Looks very stable to me :)
  • It seems that legs angle affects a lot, maybe too lot,
    looks strange when the copter is very tilted but moves quite slowly. ..
    And finally it looks somewhat unstable.
  • Good job! looks nice, time to put some lights on it.
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