Full PX4 Support for E-flite Convergence

3689710813?profile=originalAfter our Christmas experiment of getting the E-flite Convergence flying autonomous missions with PX4 we’ve now gone one step further and implemented a rate controlled acrobatics mode in fixed-wing. This allows you to fly the Convergence in the same 2 modes which the original flight controller provides (Stabilized and Acro). In Acro mode (rate control, also known as gyro stabilization in classic RC) you benefit from unconstrained control over the aircraft but at the same time it will compensate external influences such as wind which gives you a truly flying on rails feeling!

Support will be available in PX4 soon (pending pull-request). For a short glimpse of what's possible check out the video on our news page: http://uaventure.com/2017/02/12/airrails-enables-fixed-wing-acrobatics/

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  • @LaVerne, I'm following up in the PX4 forum.

  • @LaVerne: That is indeed the correct location for the code. If you would just like to flash the binary and fly, have a look here: http://px4.io/docs/px4-basic-concepts/. Basically all you need is to download QGroundControl (QGC), flash the latest "Developer" version of PX4 and select the Convergence airframe. Then go through the QGC setup process as described in the docs.

  • @Andreas:  I assume the location for this is:   https://github.com/PX4/Firmware

    I'm new to the GitHub/firmware process.  Could you give me a link that would describe what to do with this download?  Thanks.

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  • Support for the Convergence got merged to master and is now available in the PX4 Developer Build :)

  • @LaVerne: What you need is the Pixfalcon set with GPS (and an RC receiver of your choice), that's all :)

    I've added a thread on the PX4 forum: http://discuss.px4.io/t/full-e-flite-convergence-support/2446 . I'm going to post an update there (and here) as soon as code got merged after which you can just flash PX4 with QGroundControl.

    The other option is to ask questions in the PX4 VTOL channel on Gitter: https://gitter.im/PX4/VTOL

    - ada

  • This is awesome!! I have a larger frame that's been waiting for the PixFalcon configured in a mode similar to how the Convergence operates.  What would be the best forum links to follow/ask questions?  Also info that would give a parts list.  I see the PixFalcon is available from HK for about $119 here in the US.  Thanks!

  • That's true John.  Going from toys to larger aircraft is where the importance of a fully developed control system instead of simple PID loops become important.

  • Developer

    I imagine the quicker response and accurate control from the autopilot would mitigate much of the need for throttle pulsing. At least on small overpowered planes.

    But moving to larger and heavier planes there would have to be some kind of dampening on the transitions. The high speed full elevator snap transition could possibly convert a larger plane into a wingless rocket..

  • Developer

    @Andreas, the regular controller does a pretty good job, but Leonard is working on an improved version

  • Thanks! Cool, looking forward seeing it fly with ArduPlane.

    I've just watched your video with the AddictionX in SITL, very cool idea, I might need to try that as well ;). I am curious how smoothly it will be in real. What I was wondering is if you need some form of active control output to thrust coupling like a pilot would pulse throttle while torquing (I'm not a 3D pilot but someone explained it to me like this once), or if the regular attitude control loop already does a good enough job with the right gains.

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