Full scale octocopter


There has been some posts lately about people building and trying to fly full scale multi-copters. Following this trend I though I should share the most successful project I have seen so far. Mr. Ivoprop over at youtube seem to have a fully working octocopter design built around a micro-plane.

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  • ok now i see it has no pilot it is not gas powered i looked at the vis close and it hit me CGS this thing is a sim not real but a good sim you got me there for a while nice work whoever did it

  • you know it looks like it is gas powered

  • cool. look like it got tons of power to spare.. anybody know the specs and setup? batteries used etc?

  • i would love to know more about the design

  • that's pretty cool!

  • Wicked :D

  • Distributor

    I doubt there will be a stealth version anytime soon... :-)

  • Nothing after that.

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