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  • Looks pretty awesome! you should totally power it via hydrogen!

  • +1 As has been discussed, the QX1 is so close to being perfect for our areal photography applications. If it could be integrated with an HD video transmission/gimbal system that interfaced with Pixhawk 2 that would be an ideal scenario.

  • So I've found some specs over at I don't get why 3DR won't put the specs on their own website.

    It's also a bummer that they integrated it with gopro rather than something like the sony QX100. I've been waiting for a turnkey platform that takes video that isn't horribly distorted. We need rectilinear.

  • Agree totally with mP1 about the video, which contained no information. I'm excited about the SOLO, but disappointed that 3DR is selling it before providing even the most basic information about the hardware. How many cells in the battery? What frequency radio(s) are used?

    I was specs, hardware schematics, and source code immediately. As long as that's not out there, 3DR might as well be DJI.

    Do I understand correctly that the code for this has been developed privately, and a huge backlog of commits is suddenly going to be dumped onto github to be merged?

  • @Chris Excellent job Chris! Congratulations to 3DR team and all DIYDrones community. If APM has been the "multirotors' Linux", SOLO is defintly an epic distro! Can't wait to get one... University and academic world are "hungy" for open products like this...

  • 3D Robotics
    Thorston: Absolutely! It's fully certified for EU and we'll announce our distributor rollout schedule soon
  • T3

    Chris, congrats!

    One question: if it will be distributed in the EU and if it is certified what about the "License Exception STA" and the "STA Prior Consignee Statement"? 

  •         @Tsahi: Pixhawk 2 will be open source, just like Pixhawk 1. It is a derivative of ArduCopter, and will be merged back into Master. Most of the other software behind Solo is also open source, including DroneKit.

            I don't know what you mean by a "new business model". Do you have a link to what you're referring to?

        @Chris, thank you for letting us know! This is extremely positive news for the community. 3DR is beyond exemplary, not just in the Drone sector, but as far as technology providers go. There just is nothing quite like it out there.

    This is how you sustain a nascent industry.

  • Terrible video, it prompts more questions than it answers. Techies want to see facts and details about the new machine not dancing, sunsets and paper streamers.

  • @Andrew Rabbitt  :-D

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