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  • Hi,

    great work, I built a similar one using the sam technique of using a separate channel from RX to control the servo. however I later integrated this channel into the multiwii code. I believe this can gives me better results -in future- if I increased  the front thrust when propellers looks forward, instead of manually increase the throttle to keep the altitude...... I only integrated the channel in multiwii, but hasnot yet updated this thrust logic.

  • Developer
    Comment by Jean-Louis Naudin just now Delete Comment Hello, you will find an interesting video below which shows you how to do some mod on the low cost (12$) Heading Lock Gyro HK401B and removing some factory defauts...
    Regards, Jean-Louis
  • This baby looks sooooo cooool!!!! This will be my next project! Thank you for sharing the info Jean.
  • Developer
    Hello, If you want to build and replicate my ADAV/VTOL Tricopter v2, you will find below my suggested parts list of the electronic material required:

  • 100$ are you serious dude that things solid like a rock very stable.... add gps functions and ill just be forced to build one like tommarrow lol
  • Developer
    Hello Max, thanks for your comments. Now, I am working on the ADAV/VTOL Tricopter v3 with only an ArduIMU v2 flat on board... I have called the new model the TrIMUpter ;-) ... The TrIMUpter has done successfully its 1st flight in the lab today... see some photos below:

  • Developer
    I like your setup, are you planning to put "ArduCopter Brains" in v3 ? :)
  • Developer
    FYI, yesterday I have tested new 3 blades propellers (2 CW and 1 CCW) GWS HD9050 9x5 on my Tricopter V2. Its flight is even more stable and the power efficiency significantly improved. Below some photos:

    Regards, Jean-Louis
  • Developer
    Hello, the Tricopter V2 uses the same electronic equipment than the V1. So, you will find the parts list used below:
    Engines: 3 brushless motors (180 W) Dualsky 2830CA-10 1180 KV
    ESC: Dualsky XC 18A
    Propellers: 2 CCW 10x4.5 and 1 CW 10x4.5
    3 piezo gyroscopes: PG03 GWS
    1 gyro heading lock: Futaba GY401
    1 servo: HS85 BB
    Battery: Lipo 3S1P EVO 25, 2500 mAh
    Receiver: Graupner XR 16F-IFS
    Arms set at 120°: U-shaped aluminum 10x10mm 450mm lenght
    Radio setup: type Heli HR3 type CCPM 120°

    Here the electronic diagram:

    The required power for hovering is only about 110 Watts.... It uses common parts and the total cost is about 100 US$...
    Regards, Jean-Louis
  • can i has 1? do u have a build list/component list or something?
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