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just in case someone should be interested using a FunCub I posted a couple of videos showing some flight excerpts.


FunCub flight excerpts from Riccardo Kuebler on Vimeo.

Glider towing with a FunCub from Riccardo Kuebler on Vimeo.


In the first I do some aerobatics.

In the second we do an Easyglider tow.


Plane is still not equipped with any autopilot, but this could help if someone is wondering about it. There is plenty of room available for everything.


Motor is Turnigy TR 35-42D 1000kv with APC 12x6

I use a Turnigy 60A ESC. It's quiet exaggerated. I will swap with a 50A that's more than enough.

Servos are for elevator and rudder Hitec HS81, ailerons and flaps MKS DS460, tow a Turnigy DS480 (only because I had it laying around).

Current is 35A with 3300-3s lipo.


Model climbs vertically at half throttle. You can see it in the videos.

I still don't know if I will use it as a drone with autopilot or FPV or both, affaire à suivre ...


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  • Hi Andrew,

    no APM, UavDevBoard instead. It is equipped with a UDB3.

    You can have a look at it in this video

    or this one, where I test a DIY vario

    Best regards,


  • Did you ever get this funcub working with APM?

    Ive just bought a funcub and want to install APM in it 

  • Hi Doug,

    I completely agree :)

    Best regards,

  • Hi Bill,
    I tried to embed youtube videos without success. I'm not able to do it. Could someone please point me toward instructions (if there are some) to do that ?
    Now I see that there are Vimeo videos in the first post, I guess a moderator did it.
    Best regards,

  • I have one of these and they are a real kick to fly. Lots of lift and can very very slow
  • T3

    Hi Ric,

    I don't see the links to the videos. Could you please edit this posting to add the links?

    Best regards,


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