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  • Developer

    If we make DroidPlanner run on a device like this, do you think it should have no user interaction (like mission planning)?

    If not, how do you suggest doing a interface for the user?

  • Denis, so what you say is that you basically want a "Pirateye" :

  • Having the display in the glasses is interesting for telemetry. I like knowing the lipo voltage when I fly multicopter or plane, having this information without loosing multicopter/plane view will be great.

    I prefer wait for a less sophisticated glasses (maybe it already exists) with only head-up display and cable input. Wifi and bleutooth use 2.4Ghz like my remote control. Also it must have 2 glasses, one dark for sun and one transparent when there is no sun.

    I don't see any utility of gps and 10 axes sensors when flying models. There are too much feature for what I am looking.

    But there are nice...

  • Developer documentation here.

  • Developer

    Anyone knows how much lag is acceptable for FPV?

  • Lol! We're there. Next up is a replicator so we can make a quick cheese-burger at the field.

  • I have come to the conclusion we may finally be living in the future. Haha.

  • One way it could be interesting is if the right hand mini screen displayed what the gimbal is seing, it would be interesting for aerial shooting. And overlay some basic info like battery state, altitude, heading etc.... For the life of me, I could not possibly FPV through a gimbal`s view. Just a thought.

  • Oh, that's a shame. It's only a matter of time though.

  • It doesn't have a way to present full motion video to the user. I don't think GGlass will either. However when the personal HMD market finally takes off we may hopefully start to see units that allow video streaming or input to the displays with low lag and acceptable resolutions.

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