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  • Thanks Marque I sent you a message via your website

  • Hey. Thx.  I was about to post this clip myself but Steve got to it first.  I'm Marque, the founder of Game of Drones. ( Feel free to contact me with any questions.

  • Ohhhhh thanks.  I'll go back a few weeks on the blogs and look for the Game of Drones creator.  You wouldn't happen to know exactly who it is would you?

  • @joshua I am not a part of the "game of drones" portion of the video. I am the guy first interviewed shown flying the quad in the image above. Just a dude that likes to do some FPV.

  • Nice work steve!  I've been looking to interview you for a while about game of drones for my new DIY Drones Like News, military, and civilian applications website  Let me know if your interested having your show Game of Drones featured permanently on my new DIYDrones like website.  I could broadcast your show on the front page of my website and you folks could have an amazing home for your podcast :)
  • Great work Steve! And nice looking quad setup.

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