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Flench reports that the Gaui 330X quadcopter is now shipping. It's advertised for $349. Specs from the product's home page here:

"330X was designed based on UAV , which emphasizes
the advantages are:
  1. Flight Efficiency: Standard Battery
    (2S2000mAh) time of flight for more than 12min, with a high-capacity battery,
    the flight time will be more than 20 min or more
    (available spreadsheet calculation)
  2. Excellent wind resistance: the efficiency and load of propeller are perfectly optimized,
    so the wind resistance will be better than general electric aircraft High stability:
    contains GU344 (three-axis stabilizing system)for the beginner or the FPV flying,
    it is a very stable Vehicle.
  3. Additional payload capabilities: payload up
    to 700g (including battery), can freely install
    cameras and video recorder, and other general
  4. System Extensibility: can be used with GPS
    positioning system and navigation system on
    330X without any change
  5. Operation mode and flight characteristics with
    the same helicopter, but no complex transmission
  6. Collapsible body design, greatly reduce the damage rate,Which can be repaired
    easily without adjustment."
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  • Hello is this autopilot completely and is this still available in stock? pls reply

  • Thanks, yes the parrot looked like an indoor system, great for kids (large and small) but not an expandable open source machine
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    TimL, the quad you saw on TV was the Parrot AR.Drone. it's good but not designed to fly outside in wind. Otherwise I agree with your observations on the 330X. Overpriced, silly wheels and the battery connector is a mistake.
  • After building a 300 here is my review...

    Not impressed! Should be priced at $250 and supplied with a radio system. In that case, it would be ideal for the standard consumer market who have no interest in UAS.

    I saw another $350 quadcopter on the tv last week. Can't remember it's name but it was pre-built and included wi-fi, video and a remote control capability via a phone. That one seemed to have a place in the consumer world.

    Okay so the 300 flies in moderate windy conditions, but it's designed to hook you into a proprietry parts system along with custom gps and software (no doubt it will be expensive).

    Other observations, the battery connector is poor, parts need to be both glued and screwed which will make disamantling difficult.
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    Yep your right there, I see the American distributors are going to sell parts only kits, no ESCs or motors. It will be handy for those wanting to use Arduchopper or OpenPilot. One thing I thought with the complete kit was that the box is so small there would be no hardship having a couple around for spares if you were on task somewhere remote. Just twenty minutes more and I will have completed 10 hours flight time with mine no big issues yet.
  • I guess this is for the ready-to-fly RC crowd. If you just want a stabilized multicopter and can do a bit of soldering you're probably better of with this http://www.kkmulticopter.com/ (that website just brings together some information that is spread over a rapidly growing rcgroups thread). You should get better ESCs and motors for the money - and you have the fun of building it.
    I just ordered all the parts ... hope to be up and running by August. Once ardupilot or openpilot are ready I can upgrade.
    This domain may be for sale!
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    Yes your bang on right Chris, its not a UAS. Its a long way from it. Its a bit of fun though.

    If your a newcomer to RC flying and think that looks fun, don't consider this airframe until you can at least trim and fly an Easystar and by fly I mean decent approaches and landings, basic aeros.

    Let the foam take the learning.

    Then by all means carry on to this.

    As for the GPS, well..... I wonder how good it will be. Just a GPS on its own won't be much cop. a magnetometer and IMU will be in that mix.

    For a really really simple system I am wondering if a flymentor might add that there optical flow hover hold for not alot of money.
  • T3
    "why anyone would bother with another multirotor autopilot when these things are going to be selling like Picco Z's. "
    Because what is available at this price flies like Piccoz.
    Second thing gaui looks like.. a stabilised quadcopter. Not an UAV.
    it is like a RC helicopter with gyro on the tail - so what. Still primarily RC operated. Basically FPV thing when you add a camera, not UAV, no waypoints, no mission programming. Unmanned, but so is any RC model, also unmanned. Gaui as it is looks as unmanned, but not autonomous. Let's better draw a line or we will find the UAVs we are doing to be 0.1% in the stream of marketing noise.
    I wonder what is the use of its GPS if "can be used with GPS positioning system and navigation system on
    330X without any change"?
  • Developer
    ArduCopter will beat this 100 to 1 after it's ready :P

    Tho interesting machine.. Gaui quality is rather good, i have their EP180 3D mini heli and even tho it's only 250grams or so it's still full 3D heli and can do all the tricks that with bigger ones. Ok well it's only Gaui frame everything else if futaba, logitech and other stuff.
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