German Multicopter Lifts Human Pilot

Love the yoga ball as a soft landing device, can't believe the pilot trusted his life to an RC controller though and he never had covers for all those props which would have sliced him up like a blender if things went pear shaped.

Awesome stuff, just totally jealous as we are trying something similar and they flew first :-)



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  • Yes, Chris, he had a helmet.  This proves it can be done with off-the-shelf components (especially now that there are very high discharge rate batteries available).  It will be interesting to see how they plan to scale that design.  In any event, we are seeing the dawn of affordable personal aviation, and I look forward to healthy competition.

  • a chinese guy is already flying with a multi-copter using motorcycle engines... that one is nuts!!

  • Is that an exercise ball he's sitting on? Awesome shock absorber! : )


    Very well done, can't wait to see where this effort goes!!!

  •  i just watched Garys video of the bird man, i love that guy. i think that our society needs people like these guys and even the bird man to show us what is possible if we try. people here are worried about prop guards but if it all goes wrong i don't think a band of aluminum will stop these props from causing some damage  someone else here said that the wright brothers flew with open props and chain drives next to there heads! if not for people that are willing take risks like these we would still be walking. think of how crazy the first guy to suggest that he could get on the back of a 1500 lbs animal and ride it around sounded to his peers. now little girls ride horses all the time for fun. and honestly i think that this guy on the multicopter had a better chance of a horrible death driving to the airfield in his BMW than on the test flight we need risk takers and innovators and when the two are combined into the same person that is when the world is changed forever.

  • Awesome! These are exciting times we live in. Question #1 How many watts does it take for a person to fly in a quadcopter?
  • This picture from the E-Volo web site reminds me of Ezekiel 1:16

    "The appearance of the wheels and their work like unto the colour of a beryl: and they four had one likeness: and their appearance and their work as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel."



  • Awesome! (Except for the current safety risks...)


    Go E-Volo

  • I received that video 5m ago via facebook and it looked amazing... finally one that can really lift off and maintain stable, however, I believe they should mount some structure around the propellers... In case of an emergency land or a broken frame, that could make serious injuries. I would like to see one with those enormous turnigy motors CA120-70 eheheheh. Great flight nevertheless, nerves of steel :)

  • why didn't he put the rotors over head and mount chair under? Much safer!
  • @CW

    Those are high torque, low rpm motors.  So I don't think they'll exactly slice through him.  Maybe it'll be like getting hit by a stick.

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