3689405682?profile=originalGE announces introduction of their ADEPT3000 small automatic miniature
video tracker for embedded computing applications such as unmanned aircraft
systems and man-portable devices where size, weight, and power consumption
(SWaP) are primary design concerns.









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  • This system is actually the heart of todays any advance electro optical system it takes input from multiple video inputs like FLIR and HD cameras stabilize video and runs proprietary object tracking algorithm this board can also be used for remote weapon stations No chance for its availability in consumer market however lets hope  APM 3.0 carry video input and processing capability :D 

  • The card looks at video stream same as OSD normally used with thermal/high constrast object, box selected arround object to be tracked, ADEPT3000 can only track a single object ( car, boat) Also has a "Coasting" function if object is out of view for a "short "period will keep designated block looking for object as is comes into view again O/Puts could be used to drive camera directing systems to stay on selected object. At present  still in pre-production and not ready for release, so we'll have put them on a 'wish list " for Christmas gift ideas! for the famliy. For size,weight and power requirements they are made for us . 

  • Developer

    I am pretty sure it will be export restricted, simply because it would make no sense. :)
    You find a lot of embedded motion/object tracking technology in consumer products today. A compact still camera with face recognition is one example. A less obvious example is any video recorder that has a mpeg-4 encoder chip (part of mpeg-4 compression is based on complex motion and object tracking of the video source). Or you can do it in software. Pretty much any smart phone sold the last 2-3 years has enough power to do video object tracking.

  • Moderator
    I'm guessing that it detects and enumerates trackable objects in a SD video stream and allows you to track one of them. Output may be as screen coordinates, like the wii tracks IR points? Just a guess based on the material.
  • http://defense.ge-ip.com/spie_2010_video

    This clips talks about their multiple target tracking card, the 5000 system.  The 3000 system is designed to track single targets.

  • 3D Robotics
    Dumb question, but I've read the release twice and I still don't understand exactly what this does. What is video tracker?
  • Thanks, you're probably correct on all points, but then there's nothing to stop

    somone from coming up with similar open source technology.  The data they

    list might be all that's necessary to give someone the clues they need?

  • T3


    Cool. When do you think SparkFun will start stocking it? I would like to buy one.

    All kidding aside, the technology looks rather advanced, it doesn't look to me that GE will be selling it into the hobby market. I would also guess that it would be export controlled.


  • The device measures 25 X 35 mm and weighs 6 grams and operates either

    stand-a-lone unit, or on printed circuit boards. 

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