Getting started with Matrix Pilot is now cheaper


Hi Everyone,

AUAV3 is now at a reduced price of $94.95 for a limited time.
There are several dedicated developers and most of the cool new features are at least in a beta form. We would like to see more users trying these boards and features. Also recently, 2 AUAV3's flew in the Spark Fun AVC and we have been very happy with their performance to date.
A nice video of Mark Whitehorn Addiction second flight is here -

Some pictures from SparkFun AVC 2013:


Mark Whitehorn with it's Addiction ( AUAV3 inside )


...and the flight logs....nice,a ?

We are dedicated to the Matrix Pilot platform ( ) and our board has many features that will make it the most capable Matrix Pilot supported board for the foreseeable future. Best of all they are in-stock and ready to ship, so why wait?
For more information please try these sites:
United States:
Special Thanks go to Robert Dickenson and Mark Whitehorn for all of their hard work and dedication to making the AUAV3 a success.
Phil and Nick

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  • Jared,

    It is a matter of preference. There are several autopilot software solutions. If you wanted to run ArduPilot, then you would choose an APM or PX4 as you mentioned. If you are more into the Matrix Pilot flavor, then you would choose an AUAV3 or the upcoming UDB5.

    To be simplistic - it boils down to if you prefer to program using C (MatrixPilot) or Arduino (ArduPilot). MatrixPilot does not use a boot loader, so it is currently not a solution for someone without the capability program a PIC micro-controller. It is easy and fun and educational, so maybe you want to try?

    I suggest you check out the MatrixPilot home page and decide what suits your interest.



  • hey nick but this does explain to me why i would choose it over the apm 2.5 or the PX4E

    they have loads of peripherals too and the above mentioned hardware.

    plus the apm 2.5 is far cheaper

  • Hi Shengwei,

    If you like to buy quantities of 10+ at discount price, you could freely e-mail either Phil or me. The e-mails you can find on contact page of our websites.

    Hi Jared,

    If you like MatrixPilot, if you like to have the smallest autopilot with plenty of peripherals, 32Mb onboard flash, optoisolated UARTs, CAN, IMU6000, HMC5883, BMP180, etc,etc,etc, + competitive price, ...the AUAV3 is your device!

    Best regards


  • or say why i would uy this over the px4e?

  • hey guys, i have got the money to buy one, but i am struggling to see why i would buy this over a $70 APM 2.5 can you guys explain to me what i would be buying ?

  • hi guys. but where can i get the auav3 for a discount? i cannot find the buy option on their official website.

  • T3


    Here is a link to a recent posting that highlights the navigation performance of the most recent version of MatrixPilot.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Ho-Chung,

    No problem to obtain it either from me ( EU ) or from Phil ( US ).

    A request for private message sent to your DIYDRONES page.

    Best regards


  • In Taiwan, it is difficult to buy AUAV3~~~Orz

  • Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the wonderful reviews. I highly appreciate your assessment.

    You can be sure that AUAV4 will be even better!

    Best regards


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