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  • hi, I'm a newbie, would be great to have some links to build such fantastic Remote control gimbal!

  • indeed Moscow .....  not enough of  "green" though speaking from past experience of living there...  and speaking from experience of living the last 10 years in the US can say that suburbs are just as uniform here :) well,, not as high though... 

  • Developer

    ditto on child catcher...

    ..on the other hand the video was a very interesting view of an russian (?) city.  Amazing how uniform the buildings are, that can only come from having a government that controls all the building...which apparently is not all bad at least in terms of the amount of green.  I imagine everyone lives in apartments that are almost exactly all the same size as each other.

  • realy nice video !

  • Wow, I am surprised that those little motors have the torque to move that camera. I was thinking I needed to buy something like a 5012. Very cool!

  • fantastic video. fatal flaw to the design is that it requires a child to catch the multi rotor. dont think this will nominate you for the father of the year award. that girl could have been really hurt if something went wrong.
  • Which motors are you using?

  • Have you thought about having the legs move with the camera rather than on the frame so that they would never enter into the shot?

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