Give All the Robots Eyes to See! OpenMV.


The OpenMV camera module will be the lowest cost, most hackable machine vision platform out there, because Ibrahim, the creator, and I want to change the nature of hobby and educational robotics. We value your feedback and suggestions* as we gear up for a Kickstarter campaign.

  • Possibly as low as half the cost of the Pixy in sufficient volume;
  • Scriptable in Micro Python;
  • 25fps face tracking, 60fps blob tracking;
  • Viola-Jones object detection;
  • Loads OpenCV cascades from microSD;
  • The current version measures only 1.0" x 1.3";
  • Compatible with OmniVision 0.3MP OV7660, 1.3MP OV9650/OV9655, or 2MP JPEG OV2640;
  • STM32F407 MCU now; considering faster STM32F429;
  • Exposes SPI, I2C, and UART pins, can run SPI with I2C or UART;
  • Programming header exposed;
  • Python scripts load off the microSD card;

We want OpenMV to become the Arduino of machine vision, bringing eyes to more robots and simplified tools to more hobbyists and students to easily achieve incredible things with their creations.

Imagine the possibilities. How about a bathroom mirror and light that turns on when you look into the mirror? Or a doorbell that rings itself when someone shows up at the door. Or detect and avoid Sparkfun AVC barrels. Use two OpenMVs for depth perception. What about some kind of sight-based UAV position reference with color ground markers?

Here's a video of the face tracking:

The camera can detect minions. :)


Here's the Python IDE, with frame buffer capture, tracking a red ball in just a few lines of Python:


*We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this module. Please post your comments/thoughts here.

Or, if you want to contribute to the think tank, join the google group [here]

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  • combine with laser line generator and gyro for a 3D scanner....

  • Here is a link to Blusky1's comparison chart for different micro lens's to give a better idea"

  • Hi Bot Thoughts,

    I don't know if it would be feasible, but the inclusion of one of the small threaded lens mounts like usually come on FPV cameras would actually greatly broaden the cameras applications.

    It would permit you to adjust the cameras angle and field of view according to the specific use you had in mind for it.

    This is very valuable for applications that are going to be trying to isolate specific objects or pixel groupings.

    Basically it lets you tune the pixel field and magnification for the application.

    Possibly for something like this: 3701664855?profile=original

  • @healthyfatboy : great! I have a Pixy on the way myself :)  We'd love to have you join the Google group to talk more if you haven't done so. @Gary McCray, same, would love to have you join up.!forum/openmvcam I like the idea of interchangeable filters. We'll have to find out what filter (if any) is on the low-cost, pre-built modules and ask our supplier if he can build a batch without a filter. We're already thinking about some kind of protective plastic sheet over the lens/ribbon assembly so we might be able to do something with that.

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  • T3

    Excellent! I'm looking forward to getting my Pixy soon but I would love to have another camera I could mess around with and will definitely be supporting you when you go on Kickstarter.

    The points Gary makes are great about lens changes and filter changes. I too would support his suggestions.

  • Seems a very good concept, I wish you well and look forward to seeing your Kickstarter launch.

    Having different camera options seems a good idea.

    You might consider near IR or even optical bandpass filter capability.

    Possibly just strip built in IR filter and permit user to put in whatever filter they want in a small lens mount.

    Interchangeable lens capability would be nice too make it easy to customize for wider use.

    Just a few thoughts.

    Best Regards,


  • Im interested as well keep us posted!

  • It's still in development and won't be ready until some time after the Kickstarter begins. I'll post when we get closer to that date.

  • Can we buy it separately or only after your Starter campaign?

  • awesome.

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