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    @Mark, sweet!

  • Yeah, I think Nikon using a Sony sensor in their D800 is pretty clear that Sony sensors are good.  :)

  • Thanks Mark for your insight, I wasnt aware that the Go Pro 3 had a Sony sensor, I have a Sony Action Cam myself and have been getting rubbished for having one, its all good :)

  • True.. I didn't mean to come across as snarky or otherwise.  I think that competition in the area of action cameras will only result in better taylored devices for our use especially in multicopter use.   The more people are using multicopters for commercial (when finally allowed) the more likely there will be custom taylored products to meet those needs.  


    My original read on this post is that Jason was just shocked and outraged that a Sony sensor could dare be in a GoPro camera where my response was that it just isn't all that uncomon... not to bash or otherwise though.

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    @Mark Lanning... I know very little about image chip vendors, so I thought it was an interesting and informative post.  And your comments, likewise!

    So to answer your puzzlement about the point: not everybody is knowledgeable in the field in which you're obviously well informed... plus the knowledge, but don't bash people that don't know what you know.

  • I think it's interesting to know that the same sensor used in the well-reviewed GoPro3 may be used in another possibly cheaper, simpler setup.

  • Ha!

  • Not sure what the point of this is.  Few companies make CMOS sensors much like there are only two companies that make DVD drives.. and only 4 or so actually make LCD panels.. Sony doesn't even make LCD panels they use Sharp's.  Nearly all of the security cameras you can purchase has a Sony chipset, so honestly the GoPro having a Sony chipset is not a surprise by the slightest... which brings me back to whats the point of this posting?  Now if Nikon or Canon had a Sony CMOS sensor then that might be interesting... but then that wouldn't be either.  The Nikon D2X, D90, D7000 and D800 all use a Sony CMOS sensors... where the D800 is a very recent camera by Nikon at 36MP.

    Did you think that GoPro has the investment capital and R&D to design and create their own CMOS sensors?  I would much rather they use proven technology from someone that has been doing it for decades.  Much like Apple using Samsung chips and LCD components even though they hate each other.

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