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Google Earth 5.2 now out

Haven't tried it yet, but this sounds useful:

"Now, with Google Earth 5.2, we’ve added the ability to view elevation, speed, and other data as a graph directly in Google Earth. Just connect your GPS device to upload your track, and select “View Elevation Profile” from the menu. This will bring up elevation and speed graphs. If your GPS device records additional information such as heart rate or cadence, these will also be available to view in the graph. You can also see statistics such as total elevation, maximum slope, and average speed. You can select a portion of your ride and get statistics for just that section."

More here.

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  • @Chris--I'll have to read your book. I have never understood just what Google is doing with all of these free services, nor how they can make money doing it.

  • Greg,

    Maybe i am missing the point but if you write csv you migth as well write kml? kml is just text the same as csv. Have you installed the ardupiloit windows ground station? if procudes kml so maybe you can use it to see the format? also you say you produce kml with an online tool, have you opened the kml files with a text editor and looked at the format? Finally the google code site has a great deal of documentation that includes kml and examples with descriptions

    Hope that helps
  • Why google earth? NASA's worldwind has supported similar features for a while, and has other stuff like 3D anaglyph displays, terrain profiler, and others :http://worldwind.arc.nasa.gov/java/demos/



  • Does any one know if there is a standard track file format? I have been using an online kml generator with recorded data. I record csv on a micro sd in my ardustation. I can make the format any thing I want if I knew what it was.
  • link to the book? :D
  • 3D Robotics
    Google makes money from ads in Google Maps (which uses the same data as Google Earth) and makes money in Google Earth from the Pro version.

    I wrote a book about this ;-)
  • Paul, that is a very good point...also be interested...must be a big brother thing..

    Very cool addon to GCS thoough

  • Not directly related to DIY UAV's, so I don't expect a big discussion--maybe a PM. Can someone explain the economics why Google is doing all of this, i.e. what's posted here, street-level photos of mile after mile of roads across the U.S., etc., etc. It can't be advertising. I never see ads on Googlemaps, or I don't notice them and certainly don't resond to them. Enough time taken here. Thanks.
  • Our vehicle's heart rate is around 2200rpm.
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