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Google Glass-controlled AR.Drone

3689541275?profile=originalFrom Hackaday:

For some reason this project makes us think of the Dog Pog Grid from Neal Stephenson’s Diamond Age. It’s not that there’s a ton of drones floating around this guy, it’s that he’s got one which looks like it’s his bodyguard and is controlled by the Google Glass he wears on his head. The future is now!

We find the metamorphosis of this project interesting as well. It started as a Leap motion controlled rover project. We saw a similar hack just the other day that paired a Leap Motion with a Hexapod. But [Blaine] wasn’t satisfied with that. Having had a taste for alternate control inputs he dug in and got to work making Google Glass the control interface. But the problem with moving your head to control a rover is that you can’t actually see it because looking down would cause unwanted motion. His solution was to transition to a quadcopter, which will hover at eye level when he’s looking right at it. Glass is sending raw sensor data to a server, which does the translation to control commands for the quadcopter.

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  • Interesting, might have to see what kind of tweaks I can get into my glass xe with arduplane and ardrone.

  • That's a pretty expensive head tracker, and to use it as a joystick is just a dumb idea. A couple of years ago I helped a guy in New Zealand, Clinton, with ppm code to use an Ardu imu for controlling a fpv rover, by only moving his head. This was necessary as he has a terrible motor-neuron disorder and that's all he can move. While technically the hardware worked, I believe he found it disorienting with the goggles on. That's why fpv pilots like to sit in a chair or stand perfectly still. If you have a head tracker controlling a camera, then what you see jives with your head moments and you don't get motion sickness or dizziness.

    And google glass has a built in imu? Why, because they can I guess.

  • Admin

    Still very processor intensive as I saw the work "server" in the text above.


    TCIII Admin

  • I really hope that the Google Glass will be priced cheaper soon so that the common hobbyist can get their hands on it and take advantage of the technology and extra tool while using autonomous vehicles

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