GoPro releases Protune firmware update


If you have a GoPro HD HERO2 camera there's a free firmware update that doubles the video bit rate, has a neutral white balance, and disables internal noise reduction, contrast adjustments, and sharpening. This dramatically improves the quality of the video and opens new doors for post processing of the video.

You can get the update from the GoPro website under support. It suggest updating through their CineForm video editing suite (also a free download).

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  • Some normal-to-protune comparision.

  • I had to hold the Shutter button and then power on camera in order to update... I got it now it does make a difference. The Raw video now can be edited in much better ways.

  • Project Nadar:

    Settings > More > 4th item called "ProTune" between "1 button" and "NTSC/PAL".

  • Luke how do i enable protune? Through the camera or the Cineform? My camera is currently runing on HD2.08.12.70 FW. Maybe i didn't update correctly? I don't seem to find protune on-off selection anywhere.

  • T3

    thanks luke! i ll try that

  • T3

    Edit... again... only with protune off

  • James, the narrow view for 1080P is still there but only available when the Protune mode is disabled. Not sure why that's the case but I'm sure the developers have a reason. If you want the narrow view with Protune send a request to their support and see what they say.

  • T3

    EDIT!!  on-off and narow on fullHD its back again! sorry guys

  • T3

    i rushed to update.. no more narrow fov on 1080p (90d) ?? now we have to post correct the 127 fov fisheye!! also stiching maps will be impossible..any ideas??

  • Ahhhh... thankyou :)


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