These camera's are $299, full widescreen HD, 2 hours of battery life. They come with a waterproof casing and are very resistant to shock. Combined with a 16Gb SD card, you can shoot about 4 hours of video. My brother works in LA and he just bought a few of these for a documentary he is going on oyster farming. He has some pretty impressive vids of dredging for the oyster bags under water. I think this would be a perfect addition to arduCopter.
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  • did someone say GoPro Mounting???

    thingiverse has some mounts.... but not the camera....
  • We use this GoPro HD camera since some months.
    GoPro HD on William's Tri-Copter:
    Onboard video from the Tri-Copter with GoPro HD:
    Video of my latest Quad-Copter with GoPro HD:
    Best regards Tumba
  • I would also like to re-use the nice water proof cover it has. One point is also the vibration and too much vibration will result waves in the video. This is especially a problem with helicopters when using gopro.
  • Developer
    Looks good but difficult to mount on quadcopters. Also you need to take out whole cover which is protecting the camera. We should have better on quads :)

    That mount is great for airplanes and other devices where there are a lot flat mounting surfaces.
  • there is already a pan/tilt system for the gopro camera:
  • Developer
    Kiitos Pauli (kiitos mean thank you in finnish), that sounds great. Well looks like it solves many issues then. Yes if having HD video feed to ground, normal video equipment does not have enough bandwidth to transmit it properly.

    Any ideas if this same video feature works when it is on that automatic still picture mode eg. taking pictures every 2 seconds?
  • The ouput is normal video and you can select between NTSC and PAL. Resolution is enough for video link. No impact to the recording quality when taking the analog video out.
  • I haven't compared the night quality to anything else, but I would imagine it is better that anything else in that size range because it has a big image sensor for the camera's size
  • @Raytrace
    True, you have to initially connect power from USB, but once it is transmitting the video out, you can remove the USB and it will continue to work.
  • The Video out is just normal NTSC/PAL...480i I think. So it will record in HD while transmitting SD to a different source. When I recorded my P-PCB video, I was doing this so that I could see if the camera was lined up well with what I was doing. It should also transmit the sound, but I haven't confirmed that.

    I recorded my videos in 1080p at 30 fps. It also has the capability to record in 720p at either 30 fps or 60 fps and 960p at 30 fps. It also has a really wide viewing angle lens. The only thing I've recorded towards dusk is when I've been playing tennis :) and I can definitely see a hit to the quality when there isn't much light
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