GPS case?


So far 3dR puts out some cases for the APM2.x. However I haven't seen any cases for the GPS. So far I've ripped the battery backup off the newer GPS and ripped the module apart with the older module. Sadly I don't think this is covered under warranty. As much as I'd like to say I'm 'hard' on equipment, this is just normal flying.. Anyone have any suggestions on a GPS case for these boogers?

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  • Any update on GPS cases 3DR ?
  • T3

    That's the first time I've heard crashing was flying! I guess if parts fly through the air, it technically is flying right?

    Cases are a great idea and it's good to see there's some work going into it. Very good times for us right now!

  • @Mark Harrison - I've found the SMA connector is fragile on the ground station wireless telemetry. I've already broke one antenna off the board. Luckily I could solder it back on. 

    @Jason Wise - I've since wrapped one of my GPS' in heat shrink. I may attempt to solder the GPS module back to the carrier board. Then I'll wrap that one in heat shrink. Sure we're DIYD but nothing says clean and professional looking like a nice case. 

  • This is the english page about the box.

  • I've used a case I bought at conrad for my Ublox GPS, some foam and your fine.



  • Try double wrap of heatshrink folded over itself to seal one end

  • 3D Robotics

    Darrell: Ditto. Coming in Feb. We're making enclosures for almost all external components. We've got injection molding skillz and we're going to use them!

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    Darrell, here's the case I made for my 3DR radio:

    Strain Relief Carrier for 3DR Ground Module
    Thanks to a comment by Andreas M. Antonopoulos about the fragility of the USB connector, I made a small ground module case that seems to p...
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    Use a candy box like tic-tacs or similar. They work great and you get candy!
  • Woah. I thought I was hard on my stuff. 

    I nailed a light pole some time back. It took my frame out of commission, but didn't mangle any of my flight electronics. 

    How'd you manage to separate the GPS and carrier board? 

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