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  • Just curious, in fig 9 mounting 3DR with antenna orientation vertically, which is the best orientation, vertically or horizontally for longer range?

  • R. Lefebre,
    Servo has back issues on Cd and also on line. The other magazine that Bryon Bergeron Is editor in chiefbfor is Nuts-n-volts, which i,s also an excellent read for electronic projects / roboticists. Their (Servo & Nuts-n-volts) articles on Arduino, Pic, other microcontrollers, programming are always fun and informative.
  • Wow, I never knew about this magazine!  Looks awesome!

    I'll have to sign up.  I hope grands me access to back-issues.

  • Agree with Jani, fantastic to see some recognition of the solid work put in by all!

  • Jani, you are right. I've been a monthly reader of Servo since it was first published and this is the first time I've seen an article on apm. Bryan Bergeron, the editor, is a fan of Diy drones, and I bet he would love an article from you and Chris / Jordi on arducopter (I seem to recall several multicopter articles in Servo by him and others recently). Bryan, if you see this, I appologize for never sending he article on fpv on a micro quad platform. My business has kept me away from my passion lately. Hopefully it is not too latevfor me to submit. Also, Jani I have not forgotten the great service younhave provided; I still owe you the telemetry return.
  • Developer

    That a one great report. We need more this type reports. It is great to see that our hard work on this project has not been wasted :)

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