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  • We've already had one Green Revolution, why not another?

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    So "old" bees are dying out, most probably due to over use of pesticide, disease and parasites. So it's good to see that the "new" bees have a supply of pesticides to ensure that what few "old" bees that survive are properly irradicated. 


  • "New bees, the future is already here". Really?
    They are smarter, cheaper and easier to manage than "standard bees". Really?
    It paints a picture of an imminent future where nature is obsolete and simple to replicate, then ask us the question - "Should we create a new world, or save our own?".
    If the intention is indeed to provoke awareness of the bleak outlook for bees and drive traffic to the website, then this video is pretty ill-concieved.
  • First it was killer bees radicalizing honey bees and then it was some pest causing colony collapse.  They say we're doomed but we aint dead yet.  Put a honey bee colony on every public building and maybe there will be enough survivors to keep us going.    

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