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I'm investigating the UI of many GCS to propose some improvements and I'd like to hear the opinion from people who really use this kind of interface. I've started a discussion about that and now I'd like to gather more details.

So, if you can help me, please take some minutes to answers few questions about that:

The results can be followed here:

Thank you


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  • @Jakob No, it's for any kind. Thank you. 

    @John The results are accessible here:

    Please let me know if you have problems to access that. I've just used the GForms because it's easy to gather the results.

    Thanks for the feedback

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  • Developer

    And btw. Doing a offsite questionnaire defeats the purpose of this site, which is to gather and make relevant information like this publicly available for all.

  • Developer

    The key to any good UI is intention and information flow.

    Establish the intention of the UI, and STICK to it. Perhaps the most common design fault is then the UI designers lose track of the purpose and destroy usability just for the sake of making it look pretty (Win8 anyone?). The blog poster graphics for example looks nice, but the choice of colors would make it more or less unusable in bright sunlight.

    Information flow is also key, especially for a GSC. Make sure the vital stuff you need is always visible, and at the same time make sure you don't stress the user by showing to much information.  Placement is also a big factor. The vital information should be logically grouped and placed, so that the eyes does not have to move around hunting for the information when you do a quick glance at the screen.

  • This is only for multirotors?

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