I think this is actually the second attempt at this.  Wasn't there one last year?  Good to see that they actually caught the people involved and arrested them.  Hopefully it won't result in a knee-jerk reaction, but I doubt it.  The article is horribly written, but at least they didn't call it a "drone".


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  • I love the idea of using arrows. $8 solution compared to $600 one. :-)

  • I wonder how they were planning to drop the contraband? I doubt they had a release mechanism.

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    I wouldn't expect much of a reaction. Remember guys, this has been done ever since there have been walls and the tools to get over them.

  • Lame. "This town needs a better class of criminals" :-)

  • all that effort just for a few smokes , and yes line of sight flight dumb!!! 

  • They didn't even use FPV to target their drops....Criminals are dumb.

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    Yes there have been several. I thought the best one was delivering cellphones strapped to arrows!

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