What could be more fun than hacking an RTF quadcopter to fly with your own custom firmware? How about hacking with your own DIY Arduino-compatible 32-bit flight controller?  This tutorial shows how I did it. Advantages of using this controller include:

  1. Access to the huge selection of Arduino-compatible add-on sensors (distance, optical flow, ...)
  2. Use of the high-accuarcy SENtral Sensor Fusion IMU, freeing up computation cycles for other tasks.
  3. 3.3V signal levels, for adapter-free interfacing with Raspberry Pi and other single-board computers.
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  • Excellent points, Thomas!  I am indeed aware of the obsolescence of the MPU9250/AK8963 through my conversations with Kris, but I was unaware of his new motion coprocessor (he's so productive that I find it difficult to keep up!)  For the first issue (avoiding MPU9250/AK8963), you may know that Pesky offers an EM7180 unit using STM sensors; my cross-platform EM7180 library also works  with that unit.  For the second issue (avoiding EM7180), I will certainly keep an eye on the project, and will likely offer a similarly easy-to use cross-platform library for it when it becomes available.

    Ultimate Sensor Fusion Solution - LSM6DSM + LIS2MD by Pesky Products on Tindie
    EM7180 Sensor Hub coupled with the LSM6DSM + LIS2MDL IMUs provides < 2 degree heading accuracy!
  • The MPU9250 is obsolete as is the integral AK8963 mag; has been for quite some time!.

    You might want to take a look at Pesky's latest here. They acknowledge the limitations of the proprietary Swiss EL7180 CPU (10mhz CPU) (in addition to limitations of the firmware used), and they have migrated/evolved to using a Maxim MAX32660 (ARM M4F CPU core) in their latest sensor fusion module...

    Sometimes a little bit of investigating can save a lot of headache! It is always good practice in electronics development to investigate End-Of-Life (EOL) on any and all components in a project...

    Happy flying!

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  • It looks like you could almost adapt a small servo tilt on the cam.
  • 3702451253?profile=originalA match made in machine-vision heaven ;^D

  • I've added mounts for an OpenMV camera and a BlueSMiRF unit (for telemetry and eventually mobile-app control). Looking forward to getting my pre-ordered OpenMV H7!

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  • The USFS IMU is about the same price as the Adafruit BN0-055, but the USFS fits right on a Teensy (or similar board like the Butterfly dev board) and comes with a barometer too ;^)

    Ultimate Sensor Fusion Solution - MPU9250 by Pesky Products on Tindie
    EM7180 Sensor Hub coupled with the MPU9250 IMU provides 2 degree heading accuracy!
  • 3D Robotics

    Good tip on the IMU. I've been using both the Sparkfun 9250 and the Adafruit BN0-055. Will be interesting to compare

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