HAL takes flight!

3689580443?profile=originalAfter several weeks of building, waiting for parts, and building some more, it all came together.  HAL took flight for the first and second time.  I have a lot of trim work to do over the next few days when I can get back into the indoor arena or without any wind outside.  It was very difficult to control, even in stabilize mode, so I used loiter mode for most of my flying. In loiter mode, even in a 12mph wind, it held rock solid in place.


Flight controller and receiver mounted on the mid-deck  


Kyosho Zeal vibration dampening gel, with double stick tape on both sides to mount the flight controller. Vibrations were 1 to -1 on the IMU logs!


GPS and Compass mounted to the top deck


Fully assembled, just need to attach the motors.


After my first two flights, already broke the landing skids. They're flimsy, not surprising. Newer better ones on order.


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  • What motors will you use? I have a that frame but i am changing to a hexa and need new motors that can handle this frame, it was to heavy to carry a camera with the ntm 28-30 750kv 

  • MR60

    Oh my god you sacrificed Command & Conquer CDs! You would better have taken some dutch singer CD nobody would regret ;)

    Nice original build!

  • Ya. And I figured Command and Conquer was appropriate for a drone :P

  • I'm really digging the CD assembly. 

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