From all involved in the AttoPilot crew we would like to say Happy New Year and safe flying! Let 2012 be the year we show the Govt. who is the real boss!!!!

We wish you all the best in your new year adventures and hope that all are successful in everything they try to accomplish!

Keep up the great development work all and always think outside the BOX!

Keep your eyes open for new and innovative products from the AttoPilot, RP Flight systems and Hangar 18UAV this year.
We have some nice additions to the sUAS world coming to a store near you!

Kindest Regards,

Chris McNair AttoPilot International, LLC
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  • Anish,


    Thank you very much. We are working on prices. Its hard to put good quality products on aircraft to keep reliability up. This is a very large chunk of the price when buying a full system. The advanced abilities added have also increased prices but with larger orders we can start to buy in bulk thus bringing the cost down. We have a few items directed to wards the general or advanced hobbyist that should fit your bill.


    Happy New Year!



  • @chris McNair wish you and your team a very happy new year. Hoping that prices come down as volume increases so that folks like me could have a go.
  • How many inventions did we think we would finish in 2011?

  • We also have some very good specials going on right now. May want to take the time to check out the website.



  • Great teamworks do well without a box.

    Happy New Year.

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