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HappyK GCS in the field (very bad video)

Some of the APM dev team were enjoying the spectacular Northern California weather today, testing various APM navigation functions. But it was also our first chance to test the awesome HappyKillmore GCS in the field. It worked great! The "chase cam" view on the moving map is particularly cool. Sorry about this terrible video, but shiny laptop screens and the bight California sun don't mix.
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  • Developer
    yeah most likely
  • 3D Robotics
    Thanks, Ryan--that sounds plausible. We're discussing it on the maillist now and will talk it about it at the dev chat on Sunday. Can you join us?
  • Developer
    If it is written like I think, the biggest thing is to get airspeed hold as tight as possible using the attitude loop first then work on the alt/airspeed part on throttle later. what is Probably happening is airspeed is getting too far out and they are fighting
  • 3D Robotics
    We tried both with and without airspeed. Definitely need to do some altitude control tuning. We're debugging that now.
  • Developer
    Energy Height controller needs some tuning... you flying with airspeed?
  • Developer
    Why, why.. did we the consumers suddenly start buying into the whole high gloss computer screen idea? Who wants to sit all day looking at the mirror image of yourself? And what's the deal with laptops only having widescreen displays? Suddenly watching movies has become the single most important function of a laptop. Never mind how badly widescreen works for anything text or web based...

    Sorry, just had to went. It is getting harder and harding finding a laptop or even a monitor with a usable matte anti-glare screen. And the GCS is looking good btw. :)
  • Fraps isn't free unless you only want 30 seconds :) I bought it years back for gaming clan work and it gets updated and I'm allowed the new one. TBH its possible one of the best buys I have had for value.
  • Actually, I think it's CamStudio http://camstudio.org/
  • Fraps is probably what you're thinking of, Happy.
  • Nice! I wish I could remember the name of the freeware program I used to use to screen capture.
This reply was deleted.