HappyKillmore's GCS Alpha Release is ready


I guess I'll call it an Aplha release. I'm not done with the installer yet. The system requirements are .NET 2.0 framework, Google Earth (and maybe the plugin) and DirectX must be installed.


Download the GCS

I would STRONGLY recommend NOT trying this in the field with a live plane! This program is for TESTING ONLY at this point.

To use the program, select your COM port with your GPS or AP connected through FTDI or USB to serial. Select your baud rate. Click Connect. You can try the Search COM button which will cycle through all your available COM ports at different baud rates looking for your data stream. The Search Baud button will only search on the selected COM port for your data stream at different baud rates.

Once connected, if it's an AP unit, the waypoints and home location should be set automatically. If you're not using AP then you can build a mission file using the AP config tool and copy the .TXT file into the missions folder that gets created in the root directory with the GCS executable. Don't worry, this process will be easier in the future.

On the settings tab, you can select different options for your instruments and Google Earth Settings. The cockpit view isn't working yet.

Chances are excellent that nothing will work with APM since I have done absolutely zero testing with APM.

This release also includes NO error trapping and it will fail if you start collecting serial data before the Google Earth window is loaded....

Let me know how things go....

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  • Awesome thanks.
  • I posted an update: http://code.google.com/p/happykillmore-gcs/downloads/list
  • Jon, I'll look into that today. Thanks!!! It's not a design feature. I think I just defaulted to 5 digits after the decimal place.
  • Hi Happy,

    First of all mate, great software, So far only ground tested but it seems very stable.

    One quirk I have noticed is that my coords are either being truncated or rounded.

    If my gps outputs -36.895690, 174.661026, its turned into -36.89569, 174.661 (in the translated window). which is a few meters away. What this means for my tracks is that rather than getting a smooth line, I get a bit of a zig zag.

    Maybe you're aware of this, maybe not, maybe it's a design feature? either way the software is awesome, keep up the great work.
  • Hi Happy
    Awsome job man. I can't wait to try my AP Mega.
  • Open source posted

  • The instruments are NOT from OpenPilot.org. There were written by Guillaume CHOUTEAU which as near as I can tell has no affiliation with OpenPilot. The 3D Models ARE from OpenPilot and converted twice for use in DirectX.


    I'm not begging anyone to use my GCS. If you don't want to use it, you certainly don't have to. OpenPilot may do everything you need it to do...so go for it. Use OpenPilot. I'm not going to bend your arm....
  • T3
    Hey edouard,
    Happy did mention in one of his posts that he got elements of his GCS implementation from Open Pilot and displays from C# Avionic Instrument Controls by Guillaume CHOUTEAU. I'm sure he'll be adding the appropriate GPL licensing boiler plate at some point, I think he was just anxious to get his alpha stuff out for people to look at.

    Nice work by the way. I was planning on making my own GCS but am now evaluating the Open Pilot one and Happies for use with my PICPilot. I will definitely need to modify source to add some feature I want, but will have a little learning curve with C#.

  • By the way: take a look at http://newwiki.openpilot.org/display/Doc/Sample+GCS+Configurations for the Original GCS :)
  • Hi! When I saw this article I was more than a bit surprised: I think I recognize the artwork I did for the OpenPilot project there - all the analog dials, with small modifications, and the "modelview" is also remarkably similar. Explicit reference to OpenPilot.org would be the least we could expect at this point, as well as compliance with our licensing terms, i.e. CC-BY-SA for the artwork, and GPLv3 for the rest of the code - which would mean your GCS should be fully under the GPLv3 terms too. Why not use the OpenPilot.org GCS? It contains many more features, is Open Source and can work with pretty much anything, it already drives mikrokopters on top of the OpenPilot hardware...
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