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3689705062?profile=originalHello everyone, I have posted about this idea before in the form of an aircraft which could transition between vertical and horizontal flight.  While I believe it is possible, especially in the form of a flying wing, the response I have received from this site as well as other sources indicates that most observers have serious doubts.

I have decided to focus on non-transitioning embodiments to eliminate that doubt for now, and hopefully get some feedback on the concept as a purely rotary wing airframe, the helicopter.

What is the point of this weird helicopter?  The goal here is mechanical simplicity, turning a mechanical challenge into a software challenge.  This is why multirotors are so popular.  They are mechanically simple, and the rest is configured and reconfigured with code.  The code can then be copied, altered, provided at little or no cost, and never wears out or needs replacing.  The above concept would require eight moving parts.

This idea would require only three positioning sensors, one for the main shaft, and two for the rotors, and these can be simple rotary position sensors or IMUs which evaluate their position in relation to each other.

I would really appreciate any feedback or ideas anyone might have about this.

Thank You, and Happy Holidays!

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  • So a bit like a tip jet but not quite? I assume you are still going to use servos to control swashplate? Do you think the rotors on the swashplate will react fast enough to maintain fairly constant RPM when you change the pitch of the main blade?

    Tip jet
    A tip jet is a jet nozzle at the tip of some helicopter rotor blades, to spin the rotor, much like a Catherine wheel firework. Tip jets replace the n…
  • Aerodynamic Natural laws should not be forgotten why so complicated if it is easy

  • The mounted brushless motors need power. For that, you could use a slip ring in your shaft, every other idea seems harder to implement. I'd assume they would still be pretty hard to put together for a prototype.

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    Have a look at tip jets 

  • Hi Joe,

    The battery rotating in the fuselage is an intriguing concept, but keep in mind that a large rotating mass like a battery has the negative aspect of resisting motion changes gyroscopically (flywheel effect).

    And in this sort of application where the battery would be large and heavy in comparison to the rest of the craft, that effect would likely be very noticeable.

    Just a thought to consider.

    Another consideration is communication between rotating and non rotating sections of your craft.

    Interestingly we are at a time where wireless internal communication of a variety of types could be considered allowing you to have separately powered and wirelessly communicating sections of distributed intelligence.

    Best regards,


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    ideas are cheap.  you need to make one.  just do it.     https://s19n.com/ideas-are-cheap-execution-is-worth-millions-e203ef... 

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