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  • amazing...
  • Paul Marsh as far as i know, fully manual
  • Moderator
    Flipping heck, I think thats the best UAS based clip I have ever seen
  • @Jhon--Were any of the flights autonomous, or was everything done under manual control?
  • Beautiful, great imagination and editing.
  • Wow. Well done!
  • @Antonio video is not mine but:

    go pro,Canon 550 d, sony hvx,0lympus pen Epl1..... was used, not just a go pro
  • Developer
    WOW! You guys have awesome equipments and, of course, LOT skills to use them right. Congratulations!
  • Hi Jhon,
    Was this all shot with a Hero GoPro, if so how did you get rid of the terrible fish eye effect the gopro normally gives??
  • 3D Robotics
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