Help wanted for top secret project

Happy new year folks!


DIYdrones hardware development team needs some help, if you think you can contribute in something please PM, our requirements are:

-Any microcontroller capable to handle a little web server can be used.

-The hardware must have WiFi access (behave as an access point).

-The hardware must have SD card slot (where you can store html files).

-Must be cheap (< $100).


The system must be capable to read a HTML file stored on the SD card (including pictures) and create a web server accessible via WiFi (acting as an access point). When the user is connected to the Wifi device-must type any direction like "" and be able to load the HTML files stored on the SD. Something similar to a home router.


The HTML files must be able to read/write to the IO, analog and UART pins of the same microcontroller....


What we need from you are suggestions of the right hardware, software contributions and connections to anybody capable to help us.


Anyone? ;-)


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  • Its here now

    Here is the video:

  • Hi all,

    what is the status of this project?

    Did someone use the telemetry to a $11 server composed of the present drone telemetry + Arduino Pro Mini + W5100 Mini Ethernet Module. It would ensure TCP or UDP or websockets to a PC/Tablet where a small node.js app with the webpage together could be stored to convert and process all the data.

    I think it is not necessary to store all the webpage on the Drone, but access it from elsewhere.

    What do you think?

  • The simplest thing is to take a router with usb.. run openwrt and you can add a cardreader and an arduino for I/O.

    There you already have your webserver and huge software lib to choose from, thats how I would do it!

    I use the TP-Link TL-MR3220 as my control system for my house, OWFS for Dallas DS18B20 temperature readings PWM module for DA and an LCD next to my waterboiler fireplace in the livingroom, 16kW 11 of them goes to to hotwater and heating the house.

    The TL-MR3220 can be found for about 30$ it's old and only have 32M Ram the TL-WDR3600  has 128Mb Ram 8Mb F-Rom costs ~65$

    My House Control System, the house now 40% solar powered, last week:


    FlyPort WI-FI Module - 49 euros
    802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi certified transceiver
    Webserver, email client, SNTP, SMTP, TPC/UDP socket
    Wi-Fi Ad hoc or infrastructure mode supported

  • Hi there,

    you might like this (although it is slightly above 100$):

  • as stated on the top of this page: top secret

  • but maybe Jordi has found a solution?

  • for you it's prob ok to ignore the post ;-)

    i am still looking for the perfect display :)

    once i have it i build something around it.

    no atmel - cortex 0/3 from nxp would be fine.

    enough memory for mavlink.

  • well i am married so i won't be able to do that thesis :) seriously, should we ignore posts like this? is the question closed, solution found?

  • :) an amazing complexity.

    a lot depends on the technology used. we do a similar project in the office.

    it is a bachelor thesis.

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