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3689386621?profile=originalWe're going to be redesigning this site next week, bringing better layout and content categories, and one of the improvements is finally updating the photo on the front page. Rather than Funjet that we're so tired of, the photo box will rotate through a set of photos that illustrate the range of UAVs covered here, from planes to quads to helis, to maybe screenshots of Ground Stations.


One of those photos or images can be yours! Please post cool pictures of your UAV or anything else you'd like considered for permanent  front page rotation in the comments below. It's best if you upload them to the site first; if they're selected for the slot, I'll just "feature" them and they'll automatically appear. This site gets a million page views a month. Your UAV can become famous!


Last note: the role of that top box is to give newcomers a sense of what amateur UAVs are and what this site is about. So pictures should be clear, well taken (in focus, well lit) and ideally look like a UAV and not just another RC plane.

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    Excellent. Just put a link to them when they're up here and I'll favorite them.
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    Johann--that's awesome. Can you take a screenshot, crop it, and upload it here? I can't feature it if it isn't in the photo gallery here.
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    @Chris: That would be excellent. Please upload them here, and let us know in this thread when they're there and I'll feature them.


    @Johann, same answer. Sounds good but please upload and let me take a look.

  • Chris,

    Would it be of any help to you to get some Flow Vis shots from CFD of our aircraft? I would also be willing to send some info and pictures your way that show sUAS being used for practical sUAS use.


    Just a thought if you would like some of the photos.

  • Sure, OK Chris, haven't used the photo uploader yet, I guess.


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    Ron, that's a good point, but copyright infringement is already banned by our terms of service, which is listed right there on the photo uploader tool. Not sure what more we need to do. If people disregard that, we can (and do) delete the content and warn them about the infringement.
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    Thanks to all who submitted photos--they've all been "featured" and will start appearing in the front box next week. Anybody else who would like to add a photo, just upload it in the photo section here and let me know here.
  • One small section from the T3-4 stitched photo uploaded.
  • I'm thinking something simple, a shot from the waist over the radio (where there are open palms not touching) and out to a field where there's a crawler, a quad and an plane. or something similiar where in the foreground is the controler set aside and the hands are on the keyboard with Happy's GCS displaying telemetry and also a station with a tracking antenna on top.

    Perhaps arrange the drones in a way to suggest there working together building something..

    Just my mental image of what would grab my attention.

  • Developer
    I've uploaded a picture of my trex450.
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