Here Are the 25 Members of the Drone Task Force


The Federal Aviation Administration has announced the 25-member task force that will advise the administration on its proposed drone registration rules.

The FAA says the group’s co-chairs are Dave Vos of GoogleX and Earl Lawrence, director of the FAA’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Office.

Amazon has two members on the task force, joining others from 3D Robotics, DJI, Google, GoPro, and many others.

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  • @MarioSpeedwagon I expect WalMart's in that list for the same reason as BestBuy. They sell consumer electronic level quadcopters and RCs and want to be a part of the potential registration process. If it's too restrictive, they won't be able to sell these anymore and it'll impact their business.

  • that is a pretty decent list, I must say. I have hope! :)

  • Maybe with DJI and 3DR there we might get some small representation but not exactly trusting of governments and corporations and this could well lock out the hobby side totally. 

  • NBAA will sure make the conversation interesting!

    Though I see some Ag reps, I see 3 missing industries at the table, and it's the 3 that will use drones more during daily operations. It's a table of commerical pilots (police incl) and vendors.

    What will be interesting is if the task force considers vendors' road maps (e.g . autonomy, Mariospeed 's post, etc), hopefully shared (likely not due to IP), cause that will throw a wrench in the process of enforcing registration... but the wrench is needed as a good wakeup call to keep it simple and open.
  • Moderator
    I don't understand why Wal-Mart has a place at the table, but a member of the cell phone industry does not. Are the ever broadening reaches of the cellular networks really not being sought as the primary (or even just initial) means of accountability ?
  • Awwww, dude-man!, you are ruining a good government conspiracy theory.

    Them revenuers just want to steal my kids' toys!!



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