Hero3 Mass Model(s)


I modeled and printed some GoPro Hero3 Mass Models for use with my Tarot T-2D gimbal.  I decided it was dumb to constantly risk my Hero3 when I didn't need to so I created these.  One is a straight form/fit/weight model of a Hero3.  One is to carry my Keychain Camera.  One is to carry a board camera I bought on EBay for FPV.  The Google Sketchup Model and the .stl files for printing these are available at the following site - 

Hero3 Mass Model(s)

These are printed with of PLA plastic which isn't heavy enough to equal the weight of a Hero3 so I have to add a metal mass to them to get the weight up to the 76g that a Hero3 weighs.  So far I have only modeled a Hero3 - I will do a Hero2 and Hero3+ soon.

if you have questions just email me at MKTable@toast2.net


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  • I have also created a mass model and I think it is essential to add weight to the "virtual GoPro" so that it has the same CG and overall weight as a real GoPro.

    No gimbal I have seen is balanced without the weight of the camera in the mounting platform.  The weight of the camera is a part of the balance of the gimbal and without it, the gimbal will be constantly moving spastically trying to find and maintain a balance.  It could in fact damage the motors.

    The reason I I built my mass models is so that I can fly without putting my actual GoPro in place when I just want to fly..  


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    Nice models there by the way. I hope to be able to do more with it later as I learn more.

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    Thanks for the new SU8 model! Looks nice.

  • Thanks for sharing the models!

  • I have exported the Sketchup V8 .skp file as "Models SU8" at the location in the post.   I use the free version of sketchup - i had the pro version for a year and didn't really make much use of the additional features.  Make 2013 really isn't much different than Sketchup version 8 - the new owners needed to put their stamp on it so i think that's why it was renamed and a new version was released.  sketchup is an AWESOME tool - i have used many cad/cam programs and prefer sketchup just because it's more "fun" to use.


    ps. go to the google library and look at some of my models - username is "timmy"

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    Any chance you can export the skp file in a SketchUp 8 format? I'm holding off switching to 2013 until I'm more familiar with SketchUp. I'm also only using the free version and don't want to get hooked into the Pro features of 2013 that it starts off with during the trial period.

  • Good work.  This is exactly what more people should be using to test with.  A GP3/ NEX mass model for dialing in gimbals without the risk.  The next level of this would be for testing alternative lenses. Thanks for posting. Ideas like this is why I try and keep up on DIY every day.

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    Interesting work Dennis. I myself found similar situation, where I wanted to test a new hexa flying time without the nexus camera I wanted to have on board. I used a small cardboard box filled with regiform pieces and nails to equal the weight of a nexus. The tricky part was to bring the CoG to the center :-). 

  • Very interesting, thank for the models !
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    Hi Timmy,

    Don't mind what I said , I am just jealous of your 3D printer. :)


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