HeX mini

After over one month, I work out the second generation prototype of HeX. 

1. trimmed down the size:

the diameter of the first generation is 100 centimeters. this one's is 70 centimeters


2. the modular design goes like this:


zoom-in details for electronic and mechanical connections between dynamic units and the centerpiece


3. the body frame of the second generation is made by a CNC, a laser cutting and a 3D printer for different parts rather than almost all printed by a 3D printer like what we did to the first generation. By doing so the cost of materials has been reduced to 40% of the first generation.


more pictures of the second generation prototype of HeX



We hope this kind of design could get rid of the traditional way of manufacturing in a factory. Individuals can download the CAD files of our designing and produce their own parts and assemble a HeX in a makerspace or on their desktops. Pros can modify the design and customize one as well. This is inspired by these:



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  • Marvelous! One of the best designs I've ever seen.

  • Hexagons for hexa copter. Brilliant! And the manufacturing approach is wonderful. Great work!

  • Wow, loving it :)

  • Thank you all, guys.  your comments are very encouraging. 

  • impresive looks my friend....

  • That's some beautiful work.

  • Good idea of desktop manufacturing.

  • Developer

    How to define the design in one word: Batman. =)
    It could be easily the Wayne's new toy. He would be driving his Batcycle and the drone scanning the surrounding while tracking him by the "follow-me" resource.

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