Proud to post my first blog post yay !


Well ok its only eyecandy, but i hope you'll get a 2min break of what you're doing and a little smile maybe laughing at the noob, hehe ^^ fair enough !


So today i received 2 more lipos so i could finally have a proper longer flight session and could setup some cams to finally do some video recording for post analysis (yeah, to analyse stuff , whatever ill get ^^);


So i got now 2 x4500mah 45c  and 1 x 5000mah 40c   .. circa 30min flight :))


Soldered xt60 connectors to the brand new lipos, recharged and then wiiiizzz !



Beautifull, aerial, Pure joy !

no tests, no experiment, nothing but a delicious manual free run on stabilize, aaahh :)


Well, ok, it didn't end like i wanted, but anyways , was great !!


1 and 3/4 lipo later :



Conclusion : Sharp aggressive jibe + 12" black basic propeller = heavy load, high bending  and probable snap .. lesson learned and ordered straight away 6 epoxy props.


Will retry and see what'll happen ! :D


Any comments on any aspects of all this are welcome !

Until next time, thanks for watching !



Drone specs, flight conditions: 

Arducopter 2.0.42 (stock pids) on Hexacopter 880kv
12" props (black non-epoxy) 4S 4500mah 45C 100% Stabilize mode manual
test flight on 29-09-2011 @Dusk ~6:30pm Conditions : 27c, No wind

Complete flight video rush is here :

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  • Developer

    Anis btw why don't you use those long landing gears??

  • Developer

    Yeah nice video..


    On 2.0.44+ you could try following Stabilize Roll/Pitch values as:


    P: 2.5 - 3.0

    I: 0.008   (I 0.008 was introduced on 2.0.46)

    IMAX: 5


    2nd video looked a hard crash but damage was minimal as expected. We crashed one of our hexa from 35-40 meters and damage was only 2 arms, 1 motor, sonar, 2 batteries and glass lens on GoPro case. Flying weight was 2.5kg and it came straight down due software failure (was testing some of our new features back on 2.0.1x)

  • Thank you John, my buddy and i enjoyed every bit of it !  glad you enjoyed it too :) 

  • Moderator

    Nice video, Anis. That certainly is some straight eye candy, and I really like your video composition. It's good to see some whizzing around with no intent of proving anything once in awhile. So, thanks for the vid!

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