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Thank you Jason and everyone else in the ardu team for the great job done in this project!!

I've finally got Hexa to work, the setup is as follows (v2.0.49):Jdrone frame Hexa, Jdrone engine 880, jdrone 30 amp esc, 10x3, 8 prop, 2x4s lipo main batteri(6000 to 10,000 ma), Spektrum DX8 with telemetri, 2xcastlec becs connected to two blocking diodes one of the becs have his own 2s lipo to keeping the voltage stable if the main battery is overloaded. I have worked extensively with the sonar "alt hold" but now it works perfectly. Looks like sonar does not have to stand close to the iron/aluminum because it produces disturbance to the barometer, among other things. I measured the voltage to 4.6 V from apm to sonar, apm is powered with 5.1 v. I have now taken power directly from the 5v bec to sonar with a shielded cable, have also made ​​a low pass filter on this line. Sonar signal goes from apm to the sonar with its own shielded cable grounded in sonar outlet. I have flown several battery packs now and "alt hold" works very well, it follows the ground smoothly, no surprises there. Loiter is also 100%, it is rock solid. If the weather is good tomorrow I'll try waypoint and rtl because I have such good faith in the hexa now. I put some pictures, log and pids. Has almost no adjustment on the pids than the original. If someone is good to read the logs, I would appreciate feedback. I think "alt hold" and "altbaro" looks a little noisy, but everything works very well in the air. The Drone pulled to the left in the beginning, but I moved the batteries to the right, Then CG was good so it hover completely still. Maybe I test RTL and AUTO to morrow if weather is good. I forgot to say that the sonar is coated with silkon. I have also tryed wrapped the sonar with aluminium foil and groundet it, but it makes lots more noise. 1,5 degree outside when flying. 


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  • What version are you using?

  • I tried accel alt hold, I think I'm using it. It works ok. Still having some issues with baro alt hold. Sonar alt_hold works perfect. Maybe I will try the independent bec for sonar. 


  • No I have not yet eneablet accel alt hold, have you ? Yes alt hold baro work great. I have fixed the sonar similar way that ken told in the forum here:http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/sonar-noise-reduction-update?id=7...

    But I have also powered the sonar directly from the eksternal 5v bec with separate twisted and shielded cabel. I do some hand test and read the log noise less with this last mod even with the video tx and telemetri on. I can left some picture with the sonar log and sonar mount later to day. I choosed 47uf cap and 10ohm resistor as LPF. I have demped the vibrating sonar, with glueing a nut behind the sonar at the board and I have rubber in all transitons. I have made a aluminium mount from center plate as mount. I have also twisted the motor wires from esc to motor. In the attached log you can see when sonar go down in the grass, the baro gives a spik up. I have fixed that with the new mount also.



  • Hey Arnt! Nice hexa. I see the diferences between our config, your values are higher than mine. Maybe the reason is that I use 12 inch propellers (that give more lifting power). 


    Glad it works great. Did you have the accel alt hold enabled or not? Did you have a good alt hold at baro range? 


  • Thank you Martin! Today I have flown two battery sets, did not try AUTO it's blowing wind slightly. Alt hold and Loiter is almost 100%. Further I want to noise protect all the electronics and make it more waterproof, and I think that when I turn on the video tx and telemetry, it may interfere. The trips so far have been with spectrum telemetry on, I will try to turn it off to see if it makes logs noise free.


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    Hello Arnt-Inge,


    Great to see the project coming on so well, hope the RTL & Auto tests go well :)






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